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Free Travel Coffee Mug from Au Bon Pain

Hey everyone:

I hope you're all surviving winter so far.  Here's a great way
to survive the brutal winter, especially if you're living
in the Mid-West or eastern U.S. 

Au Bon Pain, a bakery and cafe chain with locations in
Boston, New York City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Detroit, Chicago,
and other places, is giving away a free coffee travel mug.  You just need to sign up
through their main website http://www.aubonpain.com/.
On this page, there is a link that says "Join our eclub,
get a free travel mug!".  Click on this link and once you've signed up,
you'll receive a coupon via email. You'll need to print off
this coupon and then present it at an Au Bon Pain location.

I'm looking forward to picking up my free coffee mug on my next
visit. And by the way, I've tried their chicken focaccia sandwich, which
was quite tasty. They make some pretty good focaccia sandwiches!

Free Sample of Cinnabon Cream of Wheat/Cereal!

Cream of Wheat periodically gives free samples of their
hot cereal products. Currently, you can get a free sample of
the Cinnabon Cream of Wheat cereal.

Just go to http://www.creamofwheat.com/cinnabon/
and click on the link that says "Receive a Free Sample" in
6 to 8 weeks time. They also have a $1 coupon link on the same

I've tried some of their other flavors and they make pretty tasty hot cereal!

Free Post-It Tabs Samples

3M is giving away free Post-It Tab samples!! They're great for
keeping your files organized. Just go to their sign up page
and register your name and address.  This offer is good until April 30, 2011.

Free DVD Rental at Blockbuster Express Video Kiosks

Happy New Year Everybody:

I hope you all had a great new year and Christmas holiday.

This blog's first new year 2011 freebie announcement
is a  free dvd rental from Blockbuster Express kiosks.
Just goto http://www.blockbusterexpress.com.  
On that page's right side, you can
sign up for their new releases email list, and they'll
send you a coupon for a free DVD rental.

Blockbuster has a had a tough few years, which
culminated in their bankruptcy.  But they are
rolling out their rental kiosks and you can find
them in convenient locations such as at
groceries and drug stores.