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Free Turbo Coffee from Dunkin' Donuts!

Dunkin' Donuts current free offer has made me a fan all over again.  They're giving away a free sample of Dunkin' Turbo coffee. Just go to https://dunkinathome.safeprocessing.com/ and register. They will mail a 1.1 oz. free sample of the Turbo coffee to you.

I've been a fan of Dunkin' Donuts for a long time.  They've got a great combination of donuts
and coffee and their stores are conveniently located in many U.S. cities.

Colgate Giving Out 10 Minutes Free Long Distance Calling

Colgate-Palmolive is giving away 10 Minutes of Free Long Distance Calling. 
This is a promotion for Mothers Day so people can call talk with their moms
for 10 minutes for free.  To claim your free prepaid minutes of long distance
phone calls, go to www.Colgate.com/mothersday and register.
When you get to this site, you can also enter their contest to win a year's worth of free long distance calling.

My mom lives in the same city as me, but I do have relatives in other cities who are
like second mothers to me.  So this freebie would be a great way for me to call these
other relatives.

Free sample of EAS Nutritional Shake

Currently, there is a Free sample of EAS Nutritional Shake. They're giving out the chocolate flavor of this drink..  Just go to http://eas.com/pro-science/freesample.aspx and enter your name and address info. You'll get a link to print out the coupon for the free drink.

Please Note:  The coupon you print can only be used once. If you try to print multiple copies of the coupon, they'll be able to trace it back to your name and address and void the coupon.

Umbro Track Jacket for $9.99 at Macy's! Regular was $68.

Macys.com is having a sale on Men's Umbro Track Jackets for $9.99. Regular price was
$68. This is an awesome price for these jackets! They are sherpa lined jackets. The jackets come in
colours of black, wine, or charcoal/teal.  The sale is at

Free Sample of Dove Mens Body Wash

This looks a great product for the guys. Walmart is offering samples of Dove Men's Body Wash.
You just need to register your name and mailing address at this site http://www.startsampling.com/dovemen

 They will mail the sample to you. This offer is only valid in the U.S.

This product includes an ultra-light rinse formula and it claims to fight skin dryness. These features make this
product sound better than most of the men's shower products currently out on store shelves.

Old Navy Coupon for 30% Off Any Single Item

Happy Easter folks!

If you're looking for some new threads this Easter weekend,
you might want to try Old Navy because they have a coupon
for 30% off any single item.  You can print out
the attached image in this post or you can get the same coupon
at an Old Navy Store. I got mine at an Old Navy store
at the local mall.   The coupon is valid until April 4, 2010
(April 4 being the last day you can use it) and coupon
can be used in Old Navy stores in the United States or Canada.

 If you're buying more than $50 worth of clothes at Old Navy,
you can also print out Old Navy's coupon at Facebook.com.
You can get the coupon at
Be sure to click on the burrow holes in the game until
you find the coupon.  It is valid for $10 off minimum $50 purchases. It's valid from April 2
to April 8 in Old Navy Stores in the U.S. or Canada.

Incidentally, Facebook is becoming a great place to get
coupons and freebies. I will be keeping a closer eye
on facebook coupons and posting them here.