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Free MP3 Song Downloads from the Smashing Pumpkins' New Album

The Smashing Pumpkins are releasing songs from their new album
Teargarden by Kaleidyscope, for free. Currently, their
website has posted 2 of the new tracks for free.
The songs are "Widow Make My Mind" and "A Song for the Son."
Just go to http://www.smashingpumpkins.com/ to download the
free tracks. 

The band plans to release their entire new
album for free and sell CD versions of the album as collectible
limited edition items.  So, it looks like they're making the older medium (the compact
disc) a more covetted item than the downloads!

Coupon for Free Burger King Kid's Meal

Coupons.com is giving away free Burger King kid's meals. Just go to their site and print off the coupon.

Visit these sites to print the Burger king kids meal coupon:

Each download link is slightly different as they are optimized for each browser.

Coupons.com also has other great coupons for downloading and printing,
just visit their coupons page and Enjoy!

Virgin Airlines - Hot Airfare Sale $39 San Fran to Las Vegas or Los Angeles!

Low Air fare alert!

I noticed that Virgin Airlines is running its "Bubbly Low Fares for a Happy New Year" Sale. The lowest fares are starting at a ridiculous low price of $39 (these are all 1 way fares that require advanced 3 day purchase). Tickets must be purchased by January 11, 2010 and used by March 10, 10 with blackout dates being 02.12.10 and 02.15.10. You also need to read the terms & conditions.

Here are some of the great deals for 1-way tickets that Virgin has running...

    * San Francisco to  Las Vegas $39
    * San Francisco to Los Angeles $39
    * San Francisco to Orange County $39
    * San Francisco to San Diego $39
    * Seattle to San Francisco $59
    * Seattle to Los Angeles $79
    * Boston to San Francisco $99
    * Boston Los Angeles $99
    * New York (JFK) to  Las Vegas $109
    * New York (JFK) to Los Angeles $109
    * New York (JFK) to San Francisco $109

All the details are at
http://www.virginamerica.com/va/search.do?method=exitHappier  Enjoy the great rates!