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Free Coffee Sample Packs from NESCAFÉ

NESCAFÉ is giving away 6 free sample packs of their new "Taster's Choice" coffee stick packs. The 6 free samples include flavors of vanilla, hazelnut, gourmet roast, decaf gourmet, Colombian gourmet, and original gourmet.

You need to go to http://smartchoice.tasterschoice.com/?CMP=KNC-gppcsampling#/Try_It_On_Us/, and give them your email address. You should then receive the samples in 6 to 8 weeks.

The word on the street is that they're pretty good products. I drink like 2 cups of coffee each day,
so these samples will be welcome additions to my regular coffee drinking routine.

LensCrafters coupons for $100 off Eyeglasses & Prescription Sunglasses

The folks at LensCrafters have a great bunch of printable coupons for the optically challenged. (P.S. I'm near-sighted so I am also "optically-challenged").

According to their website , they're offering $100 off prescription glasses for "ANY FRAME, ANY LENS, ANY PRESCRIPTION,
Valid on multiple pairs. Both frame and lenses purchase required... Coupon Code: 566786. Offer expires May 30, 2009."

Also on the same page (http://www.lenscrafters.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/OffersView?langId=-1&storeId=11151&catalogId=10051&newNavCategory=Offers&sid=espot3op), LensCrafters has a coupon for Prescription Sunglasses for $89.95 Coupon code 567065. Offer expires September 1, 2009.

They also have a coupon for "Eyeglasses starting at $99.95 With Single-Vision DURALENS® lenses Both. frame and lenses purchase required Coupon Code: 566745. Offer expires May 30, 2009."

They do have some conditions for the offers, so be sure to read the fine print and bring the printed coupon with you. These coupons are for LensCrafters stores in the U.S. There are other great offers listed on the coupon link listed above, so feel free to check it out!

Free SkyMiles Offers from Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines has a couple of free offers to earn Sky Miles frequent flyer miles/points. You need to sign up to receive Delta emails and then they will give you the sky miles.

1. Sign up to receive Delta emails on flight deals and earn 1,500 Bonus Miles
(this offer was reported to be working for most Delta members):

2. Sign up at this link to receive additional Delta emails on flight deals and earn 500 Bonus Miles (this offer may not work for everyone because you need to have received a previous email invitation from Delta for the 500 Bonus Miles):

Delta says the offer is good until July 8, 2009. Delta's fine print also says: "Your bonus miles will appear automatically on your SkyMiles statement and will be awarded at the end of the promotional validity period to those customers who are still opted-in to receive email communications," so remember to stay opted-in for Delta emails after July 8.

I signed up and qualified to get the 1500 Skymile points. It will come in handy as I sometimes take flights from Canada to Salt Lake City :-)

Free Iced Coffee at Tim Hortons on May 21

Tim Hortons donut shops away giving away free iced coffees on May 21, 2009. Their website says:
"On May 21, between 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm,
try a FREE* small Tim Hortons Iced Coffee!"
This offer is available for participating Tim Hortons stores in Canada only.

Yummy! I love chilling out in Tim Hortons with friends and snacking on coffee and donuts.

MiGhtyDocs: The Best Free Office App for reading Word, Excel, and PDF files on the iPhone and iPod touch

Recently, I started using the program MiGhtyDocs (http://www.v1ru8.net/mightydocs/) on my iPod Touch. I must say that this app has allowed me to do a lot more on my iPod Touch.

This program lets me read Microsoft Word files, Excel files, and Acrobat PDF files on the iPhone and iPod touch. In order to read your files, you do need to setup
a free account on Google Docs and then upload the files you want to read onto your Google Docs account. You then need to install MiGhtyDocs onto your iPod Touch or iPhone through iTunes.

When you click on the MiGhty Docs App on your iPhone or iPod Touch, MiGhtyDocs will then pull your documents and let you read them on your device. If you let MiGhtyDocs download all your documents from Google Docs, MiGhtyDocs will also store the files locally on your iPhone or iTouch device so that you don't need to connect via the internet or wifi in order to read your documents the next time. This will also save you battery life because wifi uses up a lot of battery life on the iPod Touch.

The only drawback of this app is that it won't allow you to edit your files, but it seems like the iPhone and iPod Touch have not been enabled to edit documents. For example, other document viewing apps such as Caravan (a $2.99 app on the Apple App store) also do not allow editting of PDF, Word, or Excel files. This seems to be a limitation of the syncing system through iTunes. If you need to edit and create these types of files, you might need to revert back to an old school Palm or Pocket PC pda.

Photo views of the MiGhtyDocs app icon (top pic)
and MiGhtyDocs' display of Word, Excel and PDF icons (bottom pic)

So there you have it folks, this is the best free app for viewing Word, Excel, and PDF files on your iPhone and iPod Touch. Now you can turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into an e-reader like Amazon's Kindle device. Happy reading!

Free Samples from Kroger Supermarket, Including Free Tea Bags and Free Nicoderm CQ

Hey everybody:

Kroger has free grocery and product samples for you, including Mighty Leaf tea samples, free samples of Nicoderm CQ, and Prilosec heartburn blocker. Just go to http://startsampling.com/retail/kroger/ and click on the link of the sample you want.

Also be sure to check out Kroger's large selection of coupons (some of the coupons give you free stuff) at http://www.kroger.com/in_store/Pages/coupon_landing.aspx

And, Kroger is giving away free reusable shopping bags if you submit a design for their reusable shopping bag design contest:
This sounds like a fun contest!