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Free 1 GB USB Drive from VMware

It's always great to have an extra USB drive to carry your files and VM Ware is giving out free 1 gigabyte USB drives. You just need to sign-up for the offer at
and then tell your friends. Next, you need your friends or colleagues to respond to VMware's email and you can score the USB drive.

5000 Free HBC Reward Points for Insurance Quote

Hey folks!
HBC (Hudson Bay Company in Canada) is offering 5000 free HBC reward points
just for getting a pet insurance quote. You just need to go to
http://www.petinsurancehbc.com/en/index.aspx and click on the link for a pet insurance quote.
The process only takes about 30 seconds and then you qualify for the HBC reward points.

I just signed up for the 5000 reward points with my own card. It was pretty quick and painless (i.e. not endless amounts of questions and pages to click through).

Coupon for Free Kashi Frozen Food Entree

I'm a big fan of Kashi's 7 grain cereals. I didn't know that they also make wholesome frozen food entrees. Who knew?

I tried one recently and I realized that Kashi sure makes tasty frozen food entrees. They're giving away free coupons for the frozen food entrees. Just go to: http://www.kashi.com/picturehunt to request a coupon be sent to your home. This freebie is available only until March 15, 2009 and for U.S. households only. The coupons don't expire until later, around June of 2009.

The Kashi fronzen food entrees can be found at: