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Earn Gift Cards by Using ForwardOn.com

Hi folks:
Last week I started using a new service called ForwardOn.com. When you join this website, you will have the ability to forward interesting emails to friends and family.

You just forward any fun email (videos, funny pictures, etc.) to share@forwardOn.com. You can then earn points every time the email is viewed by other users on forwardOn.

They also give you 5000 free points for new members on the signup page (good for almost $5 in rewards). When you hit 10000 points, you can redeem for gift cards such as $10 Amazon gift cards, and even gift cards for diverse retailers such as Old Navy, Macy's, and Borders.

I am closing in on my first 10000 points and I plan on getting a $10 itunes gift card with it.

RBC Rewards Points (Royal Bank) Offer to get 50% Bonus British Airways Miles

RBC Rewards (Royal Bank) currently has a special limited time offer to get 50% Bonus British Airways Miles when you convert the RBC Rewards to British Airways Miles. When the RBC Rewards points are converted to BA Miles (British Airways Miles) between 3 November and 31 December 2008, you’ll receive 50% bonus points.

The minimum points need to transfer is 10000 RBC Rewards Points. So 10,0000 RBC Rewards points would get you 15,000 BA Miles during this promotional offer period.

This offer is awesome!! I currently have 20,000 RBC Rewards points and I plan to convert them to get 30,000 BA Miles. The 30,000 BA Miles would almost be enough to get a round trip from Toronto to London.