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Free Music Download (Coupon Code) MP3 from Rhapsody Music Store

A friend of mine showed me a way to get free mp3 downloads from Rhapsody's music store.  Basically, you need to register for a promotion offered by Logitech's website: https://www.feelliberated.com/register.aspx
This is a  legitimate and genuine offer from Logitech and Rhapsody. 

After you have registered, click "Play Now", but YOU DON'T NEED TO GO THROUGH THE ENTIRE GAME. Just click on "Instant WIN" immediately, and you are GUARANTEED to win a Rhapsody coupon code good for 5 downloads from Rhapsody MP3 music store.  Canadian users who sign up at feelliberated.com might receive download coupons for puretracks.com instead of at rhapsody.

They reveal the code instantly so you don't need to wait for the Email... The code is equivalent to $4.95 worth of mp3 music at Rhapsody's or Puretrack's store so this is a fantastic freebie.

Free Legal Download of CA Antivirus (Computer Associates)

Computer Associates (CA) is offering a free promotional download and 1 year subscription of
their outstanding anti-virus software. This is a completely legal download of CA's product. Just go to http://home3.ca.com/SubscriptCenter/MSTrialRegistration.aspx?cid=1855%E2%8C%A9=en-US

and enter your name, country, and email address. CA will email to you the download link and the 1 year antivirus definitions subscription.

Test Drive a Nissan and Get a Free Gift Card from iTunes, Starbucks, or Petro Canada

issan is giving a away a free $20 gift card for iTunes, Starbucks, or Petro Canada for anyone in Canada who test drives a Nissan vehicle at their nearest local Nissan dealer.

Just go to http://www.versanights.ca/en/, then click on "FREE STUFF", then, I want to choose my GIFT NOW.

$20 itunes gift card
$20 Petro Canada gift card, OR,
$20 Starbucks Gift Card

This offer is available only once to each person. For more info and rules, go to http://www.versanights.ca/en/