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Free Paypal Shipping Code (Credit) for ebay Users

I received an email from ebay that gave me free shipping if I paid for an ebay auction using Paypal. You might be able to use the code also.

Basically, it is a FREE SHIPPING code (up to $10) that is valid on the purchase of any item. A user can use this code UP TO THREE TIMES PER ACCOUNT.

When you buy an item on ebay, you need to pay with Paypal and enter the Paypal redemption code: CJUNE10SHIP. If your ebay account qualifies, you can use this code for 3 different ebay purchase and receive up to a $10 shipping credit when you pay for an ebay auction or Instant Purchase ("Buy It Now") with Paypal. This offer is good until June 30, 2008 11:59:59 P.M.
You need to also make sure the email address on your eBay account is also the same on your PayPal account for this to work.

This offer is available only to ebay members who have received an email for this promotion. However, if you didn't get the email and want to try using this code anyway, here is a neat trick to test if the Paypal code "CJUNE10SHIP" works or not:

  • "Everyone: If you're not sure whether or not this code applies to you, do a search for "immediate payment" with Buy it Now and within a specific price range. In the link I gave, you can click on any of the auctions, make sure the auction payment for Buy it Now requires immediate payment. If it does, you can click Buy it Now, click the button to say that you will be using a Paypal code on the payment, then log into your Paypal account.
  • Do not submit the payment! At the bottom of the payment screen, you'll be able to apply promotional codes to your Paypal account, if you click apply and it works, the code is enabled on your account!"

Free Samples of Ocean Spray Cranberry and Blueberry Juice!

Ocean Spray is giving out free samples of Ocean Spray® 100% Juice Cranberry and Blueberry at select Wal-Mart® stores across the country. For a schedule of their samples, check out their events page. They are also giving out coupons at these sampling events.

And, for great recipe ideas, you can download Ocean Spray's FREE recipe book
at http://www.oceanspray.com/fall/ideas.html

Free $10 iTunes Gift Cards (Certificates) from themoviespoiler.com

I came across this interesting offer from the guy running the website themoviespoiler.com. On his site, he advertises "For the next few months I'm rewarding the submitters with a $10 iTunes gift certificate for every FULL spoiler THAT I USE! GOT SPOILERS? Send them in!" His website is
http://www.themoviespoiler.com/. This offer should be valid for rest of this summer and fall.

Please be aware that he does have some guidelines for writing the movie spoilers, such as:
"If you've seen a CURRENT movie that I haven't yet spoiled and want to write your own spoiler, then feel free to send it to me and I'll put it up for you. All I ask is that you don't "review" the movie, just explain what happens...". It looks pretty good. Maybe, I'll submit a spiler for Adam Sandler's movie "Zohan" and hope that it gets accepted.