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Sign up for Quaker® Moms Care Club and Receive Free Quaker Products

My mom has only started using the internet for a short period so she amazed me when she showed me about Quaker's Moms Care Club promotion. Basically, when you sign up for Quaker's email list, it will add you to the Moms Care Club. The Moms Care Club periodically sends free Quaker products and coupons to its members. According to Quaker: "As a member, you'll get a sneak peek at new Quaker products and the latest product news, notice of promotions and instant wins, discount coupons and more. You'll also receive quarterly emails from Quaker and Kids Care Clubs - so sign up for free membership today!

To sign up and be eligible for Quakers Moms Care, go to this link http://www.quakersnackbars.com/subscriptions/default.aspx and be sure to select the check boxes that say "Free trials and coupons" and "Quakers Moms Care". You should receive emails with free offer promotions shortly after that. I read that some of the coupons given away include coupons for free " Simple Harvest All Natural granola bars" and "Morning Minis" products.

Grow your Own Herbs and Vegetables and Save Lots of Money!

Today's hot deal has an environmental focus. Recently, I wanted to do more in my household and also help heal this planet. I wanted to reduce household waste and also reduce my Greenhouse gas emissions.

I tried different things in my house and discovered the fun of growing some of my own vegetables and herbs. I realized that if I could grow even a small fraction of the vegetables and herbs that I eat, I could save a lot of money on my grocery bills.

I started small. I found that some of the vegetables that I buy at the supermarket still contain roots that can be replanted. For example, when you buy green onions, spinach, leeks, butter lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, radishes, parsley, or cilantro at the grocery store, you'll find that they will still have roots attached to them. These vegetables are still living plants. So you can simply cut off the root part of these plants and replant them in a pot filled with potting soil.

By replanting the roots of vegetables that I bought from the store, I have accumulated green onions, alfalfa sprouts, and spinach plants growing in planters at home. My next step is to buy some seeds of tomatoes, onions, garlic, and celery and plant them outdoors. Spring has finally arrived and it is finally time to grow some vegetables outdoors.

Some benefits of growing your own vegetables and herbs include:
· Reducing carbon emissions used to transport vegetables that you normally buy at the supermarket
· Saving lots of money by growing part of your own food supply
· Healthier to eat vegetables that you grow yourself (fewer pesticides and chemicals used)
· Growing your own food is a fun and stimulating hobby. And you'll also get some exercise.

Tips on growing your own vegetables:
· Start a compost as a complement to your vegetables. The compost can be used as a rich natural fertilizer for your vegetable and herbs and it will also reduce your household's waste going to landfills. Compost used as fertilizer will also save you lots of money!
· Use as little commercial fertilizer as possible. The production of Nitrogen-based fertilizers contribute to global warming. Again, organic fertilizer from compost is recommended over commercial fertilizer.
· You can grow vegetables all year-round by planting them in small pots indoors (close to a light source). During the spring and summer, you can also plant more vegetables and herbs in your backyard.
· To read more tips about growing different vegetables, check out these resources:

Vegetable Growing Book by Renowned Vegetable Gardening Expert John Jeavons:
How to Grow More Vegetables (and Fruits, Nuts, Berries, Grains, and Other Crops): Than You Ever Thought Possible

Richard Langar and Susan McNeill's Book on Growing your own store-bought vegetables:
The After-Dinner Gardening Book

BBC's gardening basics page - http://www.bbc.co.uk/gardening/basics/techniques/growfruitandveg_index.shtml

Tec Ed offering $40 Amazon Gift Certificate for completing survey

Happy Easter Weekend everybody.

Today's deal comes from tec ed, a consulting company that helps companies design "successful usable products" and usable websites. They're looking for participants to complete a Research Study about their web surfing habits. This survey is available nationwide across the United States. Participants need to have a high speed internet connection and also have a free telephone line (cell phone or landline) as well. If you want to sign up to do this survey (and possibly earn a $40 Amazon.com gift certificate), go to http://www.teced.com/study0308ve.htm

You'll need to hurry, as this survey is only available between March 19 - 31st.

Some Tips to Save Money and More

Hey folks. It is almost spring time and tax time. It's time to clean up the house again, file those income taxes and find new ways to save money at the same time. In this vein, here are some of my own ways to save money and make my dollars go further:

1. Use a rewards or cash-back credit card to get back some money for the money that I spend.
2. Brown bag my lunch during the week
3. Deposit any extra money into a high interest savings account. You'd be surprised how compound interest in savings accounts (ranging from 3% to 5% interest) can really add up!
4. Take public transit rather than drive.
5. Turn off any unnecessary appliances and lights.
6. Buy sale-priced items, bulk items, and use coupons when shopping for groceries.
7. Subscribe to internet, cable tv, and phone services through the same company and take advantage of bundled discounts.
8. Split the cost of coffee with your co-workers rather than buy a fancy capuccino every day.
9. Use a discount brokerage rather than a full-service brokerage and save on trading fees.
10. Use a good tax software program or talk to an accountant in order to maximize your yearly tax deductions.

There you have it...you have just read my own list of ways to save money. If you want to find more ways to save money, check out this list of "25 Ways to Save Money" - http://www.milliondollarjourney.com/25-ways-i-save-money.htm

Free $5 gift card from Kohl's Department Store

Kohls is offering a free $5 gift certificate/coupon to be used in-store if subscribers sign up for e-mail sales alerts through their accounts. Basically, you need to go to http://www.kohls.com and go into "My Account", and then click on sign in info and subscriptions. In a short while, you should receive an email that says:
"Thank you for signing up to receive Kohls.com Sale Alerts.
To welcome you to Sale Alerts, we've sent you two great offers! Take $5 off* your next in-store purchase! Simply print this e-mail and give to the Store Associate at checkout. And, you can also save 10%** on your next Kohls.com purchase by entering the Promo Code listed below."

Kohl's does have some conditions for this offer, such as only One $5 gift certificate is valid for each customer and you must sign up for the alerts with a new e-mail address.