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Hot deals and Clearance Prices on New Digital Cameras

Here are some hot deals/clearance prices on Digital Cameras for February and March, 2008.

Hot Deals for USA Shoppers:

1. Olympus Stylus FE-210 Digital Camera (7 Megapixels, 3 X Optical Zoom,
2.5" LCD screen), selling for $69 at Office Max. Link is at
This Sale Price is valid until March 1, 2008.
This price also includes Free Shipping.

2. B&H Photo has the Samsung S1050, 10.1 Megapixel Digital Camera (with 5x Optical Zoom) for $124.95 plus cost of shipping, Digital Camera (Black). To order go to B&H's webpage for the S1050 camera.

Hot Deals for Canadian Shoppers:

1. Zellers is selling the Canon PowerShot A430 Digital camera (4 Megapixels and 4X optical zoom) for $63.99 plus tax. This sale price is ongoing as it is a clearance item. Just go to your local Zellers store and check for the inventory. The clerk can also check the computer to see if this camera is available at other Zellers stores.

2. Shoppers Drug Mart is selling the Canon Powershot A610 Digital Camera (5 megapixels and 4X optical zoom) for $99.99!! (Regular price was $379.99). This sale runs from February 23rd to March 21st. Again, just go to your local Shoppers Drug Mart store to see if they have this particular model.

Become a Nike Product Tester and Wear Cool Nike Products!

I have not purchased Nike products in almost a year so I thought it would be worthwhile to get some Nike gear again. So I asked a friend about what Nike products to buy and he told me that Nike also offers free Nike runners and clothing to people who sign up to test their products. If you're interested, just go to this link to sign up: https://producttesting.nike.com/producttest/main.jsp

Nike does have some conditions for their product testers. Product testers need to be residents of the United States. They also cannot be collegiate (NCAA) athletes. Product Testers also may have to return the test shoes to Nike so that Nike could to complete their studies. However, testers have reported situations where they were allowed to keep their shoes, in effect getting the Nike products for free.

Free Pack of Good Belly Fruit Drink

In my ongoing quest to try new fruit drink products, I came across a free online coupon for a 4 pack of Good Belly fruit drink. According to Good Belly's website, flavours available include Strawberry Rosehips, Peach Mango, and Blueberry Acai. And the drinks have probiotics and multivitamins.

Good Belly's fruit drinks are available nationwide at Whole Foods Market and at Wild Oats Markets, as well as in select stores in Boulder, Colorado. If you want to try a free four pack of this drink, you can download and print the coupon from http://www.verb-goodbelly.com/data/fe/File/GB_WebCoupon(2).pdf An alternate site for downloading this coupon can be found here. This offer expires on Feb. 18 so you need to hurry in order to get in on this fantastic offer!

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Free (and Legal) MP3 Music Download from Musicpass.ca

If you're a Canadian resident, you can download a free song from Sony BMG's musicpass website. Just go to http://www.musicpass.ca/Default.aspx and enter the Pin Code 8901935369 and Serial number 80000006. You will then be offered a free download of one of these 7 songs:

Celine Dion A World To Believe In
Daughtry Home
Britney Spears Gimme More (Oakenfold Remix)
Sean Kingston Take You There
Chris Brown Wall To Wall
Carrie Underwood So Small
Avril Lavigne Girlfriend

I downloaded the Daughtry song "Home" and it was a very high quality (high bitrate) copy. So there you have it. Hopefully, this will satisfy your daily fix of a free mp3 song download.

Free Online Tax Return from Intuit TurboTax

We're getting close to tax season. In the spirit of helping you do more with your money, I decided to share with you a promotion to use Intuit's TurboTax online service free of charge. If you use Intuit's TurboTax Online Standard or Deluxe service, you may qualify for a free tax return if you meet one of these conditions:

1.You earned
$30,000 AGI
or less
(Adjusted Gross Income), or

2. You qualify for the
Earned Income
(with AGI up to $39,783), Or

3. You served in 2007 as
Active Duty
($54,000 AGI or less)

Just go to http://turbotax.intuit.com/taxfreedom/index.jhtml and sign up for this great free service. This offer is only useful to U.S. residents.