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Mazda Giving Away $25 Circuit City Gift Card for Test Drives of the Mazda CX-9

Hey everyone, thanks for reading the E-Offerz Blog this year. I've been really happy with the support from readers and the nice comments that I've received about this blog. I wish all of you a happy holiday season and a very prosperous and fulfilling new year.

My last deal post of 2007 is about a gift card offer from Mazda and Circuit City. Mazda is giving Away a $25 Circuit City E-Gift Card if you test drive the Mazda CX 9 S.U.V. You can sign up for this offer by going to http://www.mazdaholidaydrive.com After you sign up, you may have to submit some kind of proof that you did the test drive and mail it to Mazda (this is not verified but Mazda seems to imply this in the sign-up page). But, for $25 and a bit of work doing a test drive, it's still worth the effort.

Free 2008 Calendar for Telus Customers

Canadian subscribers who have a Telus phone (landline) or Telus cell phone can sign up to receive a free calendar from Telus. Just go to http://calendar2008.telus.com/en/ and submit your landline or cell phone number. Delivery of the calendar will take about 6 weeks.

5,000 Free HBC Reward Points for Completing Short Survey

HBC is offering 5,000 free hbc reward points if you fill out a survey through their link: http://www.hbc.com/bay/assets/beauty/beautyBelleEN.aspp This offer is limited so you need to hurry and fill out the form before the offer expires. With 5,000 additional points, I found out that I could redeem HBC reward points even faster because HBC (Zellers, Bay, and Home Outfitters) has introduced a lower points level for redeeming points. You can now get a $10 HBC gift card for 80,000 points. Points must be redeemed in store only for you to exchange the $10 gift card for 80,000 points.

Hyatt Hotel Giving Away Free Starbucks Gift Card

Hyatt Hotel is giving out free $10 Starbucks gift cards if you sign up on their website to receive information about their new hotel opening in Las Vegas. You can sign up for the card at http://hyatt.com/hyatt/hotels/promos/lasvegas.jsp Hurry! because these cards are probably in short supply.

Free Gift from IBM

IBM is giving away free gifts such as a flash memory pen, coffee mug, or electronic Sudoku game. You may need to provide your name and company information, and you can request this gift at this link on IBM's business center site.

Free Movie Ticket for Cineplex Scene Members

Cineplex Odeon's Scene membership program has a current promotion that offers a free movie ticket. Here are the instructions on how to earn a free movie during their current promo online.

1. If you don't have a scene card membership (membership is free), sign up here: https://www.scene.ca/enrollment.aspx. If you already have a membership, login in at https://www.scene.ca/login.aspx. NOTE TO NEW MEMBERS: Make sure you have written down your password and you may need to check your email account in order to get your new membership card number.

2. Once you're logged in as a new member or current member, go to this page: https://www.scene.ca/PromoDetail.aspx. Type in your membership number and password in the RIGHT HAND SIDE that says "Already a Member" and click "Enter". (I believe the left hand side's login is more difficult to earn the free movie because you actually need a unique PIN number).

3. Enter the promotional code 1070721 and submit it. You should now have an extra 1,000 Scene points in your account and this should be enough to give you one free movie pass to use at Cineplex Odeon theatres, Scotiabank theatres, Galaxy, and Famous Player/Silver City theatres.

4. It is recommended that you use these points as soon as possible because the Scene program will probably change the points levels (for earning movie passes, etc.) in the very near future. A lot of people have found out about this program so I recommend that you use your new found points soon!

These are all the steps needed for getting a free movie ticket for Cineplex Odeon, Scotiabank, Galaxy and Famous Player/Silver City theatres in Canada.