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Net Sentiments Offering $10 Amazon Gift Certificates for New Members

Recently, my friend signed up for surveys on Netsentiments.com. She told me that they offered her a $10 Amazon gift certificates just for signing up and filling out a registration form at http://www.netsentiments.com/registration.htm . Anyhow, she did get her amazon.com gift certificate by email but it looks like netsentiments.com has put registrations on hold because of the overwhelming demand. I'm told that Netsentiments will be re-opening the registration process soon and they might give out a few more Amazon gift certificates to lucky participants in the near future.

Free Camtasia Studio (Presentation Software)

Recently, I tried Camtasia Studio software. Camtasia Studio is a Presentation/Screencast Software that
allows you to take screenshots of your computer and turn these screenshots into training videos, presentations,
or screencast. I tried making a few screencasts and I must say that I was very impressed with the results.

I found a way to download a fully working and legal version of Camtasia Studio 3. First, users need to register for a free license key of Camtasia Studio 3 from http://www.techsmith.com/camtasia/pcpls.asp.

Then you can download the Camtasia Studio 3 from http://download.techsmith.com/camtasiastudio/enu/312/camtasiaf.exe

Next, check your email for the free license key and enter the license key into the Camtasia Studio's
user registration feature. I also found out that now that I have Camtasia Studio 3, I could then upgrade to Camtasia Studio 5 for US$149, which is 50% off the regular price of $299.

Lycos Phone has 100 Free Minutes for New Users

Recently, I tried Lycos' phone service. I found out that Lycos' phone service is very good and it is comparable to other VOIP phone programs such as Yahoo Phone and Skype.

Lycos phone also offers 100 free minutes when you sign up for their free software phone. They also offer additional free minutes if you sign up for their offers and emails. The free phone minutes do have a small catch as users need to put up with small ads on the Lycos software, however, I wasn't too bothered by this. If you want more information about Lycos' phone service, go to http://lycos.globe7.com/ and http://lycos.globe7.com/freeminutes.php.

Ferrero Rocher Giving Away Free Chocolate Samples

I read that Ferrero Rocher is giving away free samples of its new dark chocoloate product - Ferrero Rondnoir.
In order to receive these dark chocolate samples, just go to http://www.ivillage.com/0,,c6rr989t,00.html

and register your name and address. With an offer this good (we live in a land of chocolate-holics), you'll need to hurry, because the quantities are limited.

Free Download of 34 Songs through iTunes/Tunecore.com

Tunecore.com is offering a free download of 34 tracks from "34 Stars" via iTunes. These include songs by Bill Medley, Public Enemy, and Izzy Straddlin (formerly of Guns N Roses). For the free download code, go to http://www.tunecore.com/freealbum, then you'll need to start up iTunes in order to redeem the code and download the songs.

London Drugs selling Timex Expedition Indiglo Watch for $29.99

My sources tell me that London Drugs will be selling the Timex Expedition Indiglo Watch for $29.99. This price will be in effect November 13-25 and this is for the Timex Expedition watch model # 41701. This is a fantastic deal because the regular price is $79.99. London Drugs has locations mainly in western Canada (BC, Alberta, etc.)

Yahoo Offering $100 Paid Surveys

Yahoo is offering to pay $100 to qualifying participants for taking part in their surveys. Participants need to commit to doing a 90 minute survey in Yahoo's office in the San Francisco area. Here are the 2 links to let you sign up for a session:
You must qualify for a session and complete the study session in order to claim the $100. I heard that some of the surveys may also be available to participants nationwide so check back at the link regularly.

Free iTunes song downloads by joining Facebook group.

I found a ticketmaster facebook promotion today. It invites web surfers
to join the Ticketmaster group on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2426357824

After joining, the user be given an iTunes code valid for 5 free song downloads.
After you receive the code, you can leave the group right away. The coupon codes expire November 15 so you need to use them right away.

Amazon Giving Away Gift Certificates for Survey Participants

I've been shopping on amazon.com for a long time. Recently, I came across amazon's announcement that they would give out gift certificates for participants doing a usability study/survey on their website. If you're interested in doing the study, go to this link on amazon's website. Or, if you don't hear from them after a few days, you can email them at usabilitygroup@amazon.com. If you're selected and if you complete the survey, Amazon will award you a $50 or $100 gift certificate. I hope that I'm selected because the gift certificate would help me earn back part of the hundreds of dollars that I spent on ordering books and best-selling novels from Amazon.

How to Make $10 or More on Moola.com

In the past year, I have slowly accumulated nice $10 checks from Moola.com. Moola is a
website that is ad-supported and acts like a bit of a game show. Players log on to
play games like "rock, paper, scissors" and card games against other players. Moola is completely legal (unlike internet gambling websites) and Moola.com is supported by ad revenue from advertisers.

Here is my tip for letting you earn about $10 for every 10 weeks that you log on to

1. First, you need to be invited to become a member on Moola. You can get an invite
from Moola's invite forum.

2. Once you have received the invite, you need to register through the invite link and
log on to Moola.com. Then go to the Search and Win link . Search and Win gives you a "Wheel of Fortune" type spin wheel that you can click for cash twice a day. Normally, the Search and win lets you spin for cash once every 12 hours. Again, you need to be logged on as a member before you will see the Search and Win wheel on the Search and Win link. Once you're log on to Moola, you can spin for cash. I also log on to Moola at night and spin for cash a second time. Each cash spin lets you earn anywhere from 2 cents up to $500 per spin.

3. I recommend that you use a free password manager program like
http://www.roboform.com in order to automate your Moola login. This would save you
lots of time and let you log in quickly everyday.

Here is a recent screenshot of my recent "Search and Win" results. As you can see, I
am halfway to receiving my next $10 check from Moola (Moola requires a minimum
earnings of $10 before you can cash out your earnings):

4. In addition to "Search and Win", users can also earn additional cash through the
games such as "Ro Sham Bo Fu". However, I find the "Search and Win" to be the most stable way to make money because
if you play the other Moola games, you need to wager a small amount of cash and you
can end up losing your wager. Search and Win never requires a wager because you only
need to spin the search wheel.

So, in a nutshell, this is the tip for you to earn a $10 check from Moola.com for every 10 weeks of playing the "search and win" game on Moola.