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$10 Coupon at Clearly Contacts

Clearlycontacts.ca has a coupon to save you $10 off the next purchase. When you buy your next set of contact lenses, just enter the word "transit" at checkout and you'll get $10 off. Judging by the prices, the daily view lenses seem like a better deal than the disposable ones because you just need to pay for one set rather than buy a continuous supply of disposable lenses.

i711.com is Giving Away Free Microsoft Webcams

i711 is Giving Away Free Microsoft Webcams http://www.i711.com/freeCam.php They are promoting this in order to sell their video relay services and relay calls.
If you're already using their services this would be a great free addition to your computer.

Tip Top Tailors Coupon

Do you need a new suit or fall wardrobe? Tip Top tailors has a 10% coupon available for people signing up for their email list. Or just go to this link to print the coupon. I used the coupon to buy a new suit for a friend's wedding. They have a great selection of suits, dress shirts and ties.

Philips is Giving Away Senseo Coffee Makers

Philips is giving away free Senseo Gourmet coffee makers. You just need to fill out a survey and see if you qualify by going to http://sharesenseo.com/q6/1.jsp
Not all visitors who fill out the survey will receive one of these fantastic coffee makers, but, if you describe yourself as a coffee connoisseur who has entertains a lot (has a lot of parties, guests, events), you will have a better chance of receiving one of these Senseo Coffee Pod Systems.

I received one of these Senseo coffee machines back in early 2006 back when Philips was less restrictive about giving these away. Anyway, my Senseo machine has worked great, and the coffee is incredibly rich and aromatic. Their selection is very good too as they include blends from Colombia, Brazil, and Kenya.

Get Free Aeroplan Miles by Signing up for Harris/Decima Research surveys

Harris/Decima is offering free Aeroplan miles to people who sign up for their research Surveys -

They state that survey participants will receive about 2 survey offers per month. After you finish the survey, Harris/Decima will deposit some Aeroplan points into your account within an unspecified period of time.

I just signed up so I will be eagerly waiting for their survey emails. I only need 200 more aeroplan points in order to qualify for a gift certificate through Aeroplan so these surveys will definitely help me reach the points that I need.

Free $20 Gift Card from Dale and Thomas Popcorn

Dale and Thomas Popcorn has an offer for a Free $20 Gift card just for signing up and giving your email address to them. The link is located at

I looked at their catalogue and found some pretty neat products like the popcorn gift bowls and the pricey but very fine Chocolate Popsters Milk Tins.

Free iTunes Gift Card from Symantec

Symantec is giving away a free $10 iTunes gift card when you sign up for a webcast http://www.dlt.com/Symantec_IT_Policy_Compliance_Solution

This would be great for downloading tv shows as well as music. YOU NEED to listen to a webcast in order to receive the gift card code by email.

I recently used itunes to download episodes of tv shows such as Lost and the Office. And I also read reports that iTunes will be offering HD tv shows soon.

I just signed up through the Symantec link above and I can't wait to receive the $10 itunes gift card.