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Mazda Giving Away $25 Circuit City Gift Card for Test Drives of the Mazda CX-9

Hey everyone, thanks for reading the E-Offerz Blog this year. I've been really happy with the support from readers and the nice comments that I've received about this blog. I wish all of you a happy holiday season and a very prosperous and fulfilling new year.

My last deal post of 2007 is about a gift card offer from Mazda and Circuit City. Mazda is giving Away a $25 Circuit City E-Gift Card if you test drive the Mazda CX 9 S.U.V. You can sign up for this offer by going to http://www.mazdaholidaydrive.com After you sign up, you may have to submit some kind of proof that you did the test drive and mail it to Mazda (this is not verified but Mazda seems to imply this in the sign-up page). But, for $25 and a bit of work doing a test drive, it's still worth the effort.

Free 2008 Calendar for Telus Customers

Canadian subscribers who have a Telus phone (landline) or Telus cell phone can sign up to receive a free calendar from Telus. Just go to http://calendar2008.telus.com/en/ and submit your landline or cell phone number. Delivery of the calendar will take about 6 weeks.

5,000 Free HBC Reward Points for Completing Short Survey

HBC is offering 5,000 free hbc reward points if you fill out a survey through their link: http://www.hbc.com/bay/assets/beauty/beautyBelleEN.aspp This offer is limited so you need to hurry and fill out the form before the offer expires. With 5,000 additional points, I found out that I could redeem HBC reward points even faster because HBC (Zellers, Bay, and Home Outfitters) has introduced a lower points level for redeeming points. You can now get a $10 HBC gift card for 80,000 points. Points must be redeemed in store only for you to exchange the $10 gift card for 80,000 points.

Hyatt Hotel Giving Away Free Starbucks Gift Card

Hyatt Hotel is giving out free $10 Starbucks gift cards if you sign up on their website to receive information about their new hotel opening in Las Vegas. You can sign up for the card at http://hyatt.com/hyatt/hotels/promos/lasvegas.jsp Hurry! because these cards are probably in short supply.

Free Gift from IBM

IBM is giving away free gifts such as a flash memory pen, coffee mug, or electronic Sudoku game. You may need to provide your name and company information, and you can request this gift at this link on IBM's business center site.

Free Movie Ticket for Cineplex Scene Members

Cineplex Odeon's Scene membership program has a current promotion that offers a free movie ticket. Here are the instructions on how to earn a free movie during their current promo online.

1. If you don't have a scene card membership (membership is free), sign up here: https://www.scene.ca/enrollment.aspx. If you already have a membership, login in at https://www.scene.ca/login.aspx. NOTE TO NEW MEMBERS: Make sure you have written down your password and you may need to check your email account in order to get your new membership card number.

2. Once you're logged in as a new member or current member, go to this page: https://www.scene.ca/PromoDetail.aspx. Type in your membership number and password in the RIGHT HAND SIDE that says "Already a Member" and click "Enter". (I believe the left hand side's login is more difficult to earn the free movie because you actually need a unique PIN number).

3. Enter the promotional code 1070721 and submit it. You should now have an extra 1,000 Scene points in your account and this should be enough to give you one free movie pass to use at Cineplex Odeon theatres, Scotiabank theatres, Galaxy, and Famous Player/Silver City theatres.

4. It is recommended that you use these points as soon as possible because the Scene program will probably change the points levels (for earning movie passes, etc.) in the very near future. A lot of people have found out about this program so I recommend that you use your new found points soon!

These are all the steps needed for getting a free movie ticket for Cineplex Odeon, Scotiabank, Galaxy and Famous Player/Silver City theatres in Canada.

Net Sentiments Offering $10 Amazon Gift Certificates for New Members

Recently, my friend signed up for surveys on Netsentiments.com. She told me that they offered her a $10 Amazon gift certificates just for signing up and filling out a registration form at http://www.netsentiments.com/registration.htm . Anyhow, she did get her amazon.com gift certificate by email but it looks like netsentiments.com has put registrations on hold because of the overwhelming demand. I'm told that Netsentiments will be re-opening the registration process soon and they might give out a few more Amazon gift certificates to lucky participants in the near future.

Free Camtasia Studio (Presentation Software)

Recently, I tried Camtasia Studio software. Camtasia Studio is a Presentation/Screencast Software that
allows you to take screenshots of your computer and turn these screenshots into training videos, presentations,
or screencast. I tried making a few screencasts and I must say that I was very impressed with the results.

I found a way to download a fully working and legal version of Camtasia Studio 3. First, users need to register for a free license key of Camtasia Studio 3 from http://www.techsmith.com/camtasia/pcpls.asp.

Then you can download the Camtasia Studio 3 from http://download.techsmith.com/camtasiastudio/enu/312/camtasiaf.exe

Next, check your email for the free license key and enter the license key into the Camtasia Studio's
user registration feature. I also found out that now that I have Camtasia Studio 3, I could then upgrade to Camtasia Studio 5 for US$149, which is 50% off the regular price of $299.

Lycos Phone has 100 Free Minutes for New Users

Recently, I tried Lycos' phone service. I found out that Lycos' phone service is very good and it is comparable to other VOIP phone programs such as Yahoo Phone and Skype.

Lycos phone also offers 100 free minutes when you sign up for their free software phone. They also offer additional free minutes if you sign up for their offers and emails. The free phone minutes do have a small catch as users need to put up with small ads on the Lycos software, however, I wasn't too bothered by this. If you want more information about Lycos' phone service, go to http://lycos.globe7.com/ and http://lycos.globe7.com/freeminutes.php.

Ferrero Rocher Giving Away Free Chocolate Samples

I read that Ferrero Rocher is giving away free samples of its new dark chocoloate product - Ferrero Rondnoir.
In order to receive these dark chocolate samples, just go to http://www.ivillage.com/0,,c6rr989t,00.html

and register your name and address. With an offer this good (we live in a land of chocolate-holics), you'll need to hurry, because the quantities are limited.

Free Download of 34 Songs through iTunes/Tunecore.com

Tunecore.com is offering a free download of 34 tracks from "34 Stars" via iTunes. These include songs by Bill Medley, Public Enemy, and Izzy Straddlin (formerly of Guns N Roses). For the free download code, go to http://www.tunecore.com/freealbum, then you'll need to start up iTunes in order to redeem the code and download the songs.

London Drugs selling Timex Expedition Indiglo Watch for $29.99

My sources tell me that London Drugs will be selling the Timex Expedition Indiglo Watch for $29.99. This price will be in effect November 13-25 and this is for the Timex Expedition watch model # 41701. This is a fantastic deal because the regular price is $79.99. London Drugs has locations mainly in western Canada (BC, Alberta, etc.)

Yahoo Offering $100 Paid Surveys

Yahoo is offering to pay $100 to qualifying participants for taking part in their surveys. Participants need to commit to doing a 90 minute survey in Yahoo's office in the San Francisco area. Here are the 2 links to let you sign up for a session:
You must qualify for a session and complete the study session in order to claim the $100. I heard that some of the surveys may also be available to participants nationwide so check back at the link regularly.

Free iTunes song downloads by joining Facebook group.

I found a ticketmaster facebook promotion today. It invites web surfers
to join the Ticketmaster group on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2426357824

After joining, the user be given an iTunes code valid for 5 free song downloads.
After you receive the code, you can leave the group right away. The coupon codes expire November 15 so you need to use them right away.

Amazon Giving Away Gift Certificates for Survey Participants

I've been shopping on amazon.com for a long time. Recently, I came across amazon's announcement that they would give out gift certificates for participants doing a usability study/survey on their website. If you're interested in doing the study, go to this link on amazon's website. Or, if you don't hear from them after a few days, you can email them at usabilitygroup@amazon.com. If you're selected and if you complete the survey, Amazon will award you a $50 or $100 gift certificate. I hope that I'm selected because the gift certificate would help me earn back part of the hundreds of dollars that I spent on ordering books and best-selling novels from Amazon.

How to Make $10 or More on Moola.com

In the past year, I have slowly accumulated nice $10 checks from Moola.com. Moola is a
website that is ad-supported and acts like a bit of a game show. Players log on to
play games like "rock, paper, scissors" and card games against other players. Moola is completely legal (unlike internet gambling websites) and Moola.com is supported by ad revenue from advertisers.

Here is my tip for letting you earn about $10 for every 10 weeks that you log on to

1. First, you need to be invited to become a member on Moola. You can get an invite
from Moola's invite forum.

2. Once you have received the invite, you need to register through the invite link and
log on to Moola.com. Then go to the Search and Win link . Search and Win gives you a "Wheel of Fortune" type spin wheel that you can click for cash twice a day. Normally, the Search and win lets you spin for cash once every 12 hours. Again, you need to be logged on as a member before you will see the Search and Win wheel on the Search and Win link. Once you're log on to Moola, you can spin for cash. I also log on to Moola at night and spin for cash a second time. Each cash spin lets you earn anywhere from 2 cents up to $500 per spin.

3. I recommend that you use a free password manager program like
http://www.roboform.com in order to automate your Moola login. This would save you
lots of time and let you log in quickly everyday.

Here is a recent screenshot of my recent "Search and Win" results. As you can see, I
am halfway to receiving my next $10 check from Moola (Moola requires a minimum
earnings of $10 before you can cash out your earnings):

4. In addition to "Search and Win", users can also earn additional cash through the
games such as "Ro Sham Bo Fu". However, I find the "Search and Win" to be the most stable way to make money because
if you play the other Moola games, you need to wager a small amount of cash and you
can end up losing your wager. Search and Win never requires a wager because you only
need to spin the search wheel.

So, in a nutshell, this is the tip for you to earn a $10 check from Moola.com for every 10 weeks of playing the "search and win" game on Moola.

$10 Coupon at Clearly Contacts

Clearlycontacts.ca has a coupon to save you $10 off the next purchase. When you buy your next set of contact lenses, just enter the word "transit" at checkout and you'll get $10 off. Judging by the prices, the daily view lenses seem like a better deal than the disposable ones because you just need to pay for one set rather than buy a continuous supply of disposable lenses.

i711.com is Giving Away Free Microsoft Webcams

i711 is Giving Away Free Microsoft Webcams http://www.i711.com/freeCam.php They are promoting this in order to sell their video relay services and relay calls.
If you're already using their services this would be a great free addition to your computer.

Tip Top Tailors Coupon

Do you need a new suit or fall wardrobe? Tip Top tailors has a 10% coupon available for people signing up for their email list. Or just go to this link to print the coupon. I used the coupon to buy a new suit for a friend's wedding. They have a great selection of suits, dress shirts and ties.

Philips is Giving Away Senseo Coffee Makers

Philips is giving away free Senseo Gourmet coffee makers. You just need to fill out a survey and see if you qualify by going to http://sharesenseo.com/q6/1.jsp
Not all visitors who fill out the survey will receive one of these fantastic coffee makers, but, if you describe yourself as a coffee connoisseur who has entertains a lot (has a lot of parties, guests, events), you will have a better chance of receiving one of these Senseo Coffee Pod Systems.

I received one of these Senseo coffee machines back in early 2006 back when Philips was less restrictive about giving these away. Anyway, my Senseo machine has worked great, and the coffee is incredibly rich and aromatic. Their selection is very good too as they include blends from Colombia, Brazil, and Kenya.

Get Free Aeroplan Miles by Signing up for Harris/Decima Research surveys

Harris/Decima is offering free Aeroplan miles to people who sign up for their research Surveys -

They state that survey participants will receive about 2 survey offers per month. After you finish the survey, Harris/Decima will deposit some Aeroplan points into your account within an unspecified period of time.

I just signed up so I will be eagerly waiting for their survey emails. I only need 200 more aeroplan points in order to qualify for a gift certificate through Aeroplan so these surveys will definitely help me reach the points that I need.

Free $20 Gift Card from Dale and Thomas Popcorn

Dale and Thomas Popcorn has an offer for a Free $20 Gift card just for signing up and giving your email address to them. The link is located at

I looked at their catalogue and found some pretty neat products like the popcorn gift bowls and the pricey but very fine Chocolate Popsters Milk Tins.

Free iTunes Gift Card from Symantec

Symantec is giving away a free $10 iTunes gift card when you sign up for a webcast http://www.dlt.com/Symantec_IT_Policy_Compliance_Solution

This would be great for downloading tv shows as well as music. YOU NEED to listen to a webcast in order to receive the gift card code by email.

I recently used itunes to download episodes of tv shows such as Lost and the Office. And I also read reports that iTunes will be offering HD tv shows soon.

I just signed up through the Symantec link above and I can't wait to receive the $10 itunes gift card.

CompUSA Special on Netgear USB print server ($19.99) and coupon code

CompUSA is offering the Netgear USB Mini Print Server for $19.99. This price applies after the $50 mail in rebate is applied. If you order from CompUSA's website, you can also get free shipping by using the CompUSA coupon code: Shipitfree.

You can find this special deal at:

Exclusive Coupons for Zellers, Roots, Empire Theaters, and Best Buy Canada

Canadian shoppers might want to check out the coupons offered by TD Money Lounge,
which is the promotional site created by TD Bank (Toronto Dominion bank in canada).
These coupons are available only to web surfers who subscribe to TD's Money Lounge user group on Facebook. However, you can bypass signing up on the Facebook group by viewing the coupons directly at https://www.tdmoneylounge.com/fb/tdfb_coupons.pdf

The coupons include the following discounts:

$10 Off purchase of $40 or more at Roots stores

10% off any Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii Games at Canadian Best Buy locations

20% off music CD's at Canadian Best Buy stores

Combo pack off regular popcorn, soft drink, and movie admission at Empire Theatres (this offer valid for students only)

And Save $10 on $50 Purchases at Zellers (good until Oct. 15, 2007)

My personal favourite is the Zellers coupon because I can buy groceries, clothing and all sorts of electronics at Zellers. Hhmmm, maybe I should buy that new iPod Nano with this coupon.

Coupon for Netflix Users

Netflix has a Limited Time Offer with a 20% off coupon: D80015436 The coupon Expires 10/31/07. This coupon is only valid for new customers or canceled accounts. This looks like a great opportunity to try out Netflix. More info at http://forums.slickdeals.net/showthread.php?threadid=608425

Local Dining on a Shoestring: Blackberries

Recently, we had friends visiting from Hong Kong. While walking through the park one day, one of our visitors named Ellen, pointed out a blackberry bush. She had never seen it before. My mother mentioned that the fruits were edible. Ellen proceeded to pick them and start eating. I had not eaten blackberries in years and I proceed to munch on a few as well.

It's incredible that so many Vancouverites walk by so many blackberry bushes and not eat any of the fruit. Blackberry plants grow like weeds along highways, parks, and train tracks throughout Vancouver. The berries are free for the picking, but hardly anyone bothers to pick them. I have seen local grocers sell small baskets of blackberries for $4 and up. When I pass by some of these blackberry bushes, I could easily pick more than $20 worth of blackberries in one occasion.

The secret to finding good blackberries are color and size. You want to find larger sized blackberries (they are about twice the size of a regular raspberry) and you should pick black ones because only black ones are ripe. The larger sized, good blackberries are sweet instead of sour.

I have also started a new trend in my household by making "blackberry smoothies". They are easy to make. Take one cup of blackberries, rinse them well in tap water. The 1 cup of blackberries should be mixed with 2 cups of water and about 4 tablespoons of liquid sugar. Combine all of these ingredients into a blender and you will have one of the best smoothies ever. It is truly delicious and better than any smoothies that you can buy at a restaurant.

This blog's mission is to help readers unearth freebies and hot deals in their communities and on the web. I truly believe that local blackberries are one of the hidden treasures of my community and a true bona-fide freebie!! Picking blackberries in your neighbourhood will save money in your grocery shopping bill and you'll be helping the environment by reducing greenhouse gases because you're buying local berries instead of fruits shipped from far away places. Blackberries are found throughout most parts of Canada and the USA and the fruits are found in abundance until early October.

Memolink Promises Free Gift Certificates but It Is Time Consuming

Recently, I signed up for Memolink http://www.memolink.com - a rewards program that promises gift certificates if I complete enough surveys and purchase enough stuff from affiliate sites. This website also sends me email and if I click on the email link I earn additional points. As of last count, I racked up 3285 points but it says that I still need 7915 points in order to qualify for a prize. That being said, most of the good minimum rewards are $10 in value, such as $10 gift certificates from Amazon.com or from Best Buy, and each of these requires 19,200 points.

The reason that it's taking me a while to amass the points is because I want to earn the points the free way. This means that I have to fill out the online surveys and wait for the points to get creditted to my account. Each survey is tedious and takes 30 to 60 minutes to complete and the survey only pays between 600 and 1200 points. As you can imagine, this is more of a hobby than a serious way to earn money or earn free gift cards.

The other way to earn points faster on memolink is to buy stuff from Memolink partners but I have avoided this route because 1) I buy most of my stuff in real world stores and 2) I wanted to earn the points free by doing surveys. I'm one sixth of the way to getting 19,200 points so I still have a ways to go. I might just start buying stuff from affiliates such as JC Penney and Target in order to speed up my points accumulation.

Memolink is quite popular and I'm told that many college students use it. However, I see it more as an amusement (it sends me "read for points" email daily) than a serious money-making venture. However, if you do a lot of online shopping at JC Penney, Overstock.com and other big online e-tailers, Memolink is a great way for you to earn extra gift certificates while you shop.

Free Google Adwords Voucher Credits

Recently, I have been fiddling around with Google's Adwords voucher. I got £30 worth of google adwords credit by signing up at

(By the way, this is a great deal as Google is still giving away these free credits).

I found the user interface to be easy to use and you can set your cost per click (CPC) and set a monthly budget as well. Overall, Adwords is a great product that is very easy to use and a powerful marketing force. Adwords demonstrates why Google is the search leader: its search marketing services work really well.

Ubuntu Linux: One of the World's Best Free Operating Systems

Recently, I tried out Ubuntu Linux on my computer. I heard a lot of good press about ubuntu Linux. To my amazement, it was every bit as good as advertised. Installing new programs and updates is a breeze, thanks to its synaptic updates program. It also comes with great free software like Firefox's web browser (much more secure than Internet Explorer) and OpenOffice.org's suite of free office programs (free and has similar features to Microsoft Office). Ubuntu also can run great free open source programs. I like to use Amarok on it (free mp3 player) and I also use free email programs like Evolution's email program. Ubuntu is also more secure than Windows and it is not vulnerable to computer viruses the way Windows systems are.

Users can download Ubuntu for free at http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download.

Or, if you prefer to get a free installation CD, just request that a free ubuntu Linux cd be sent to your house at https://shipit.ubuntu.com/

The Four Hour Work Week

I found a book by Timothy Ferriss. It is titled "The Four Hour Work Week" and it describes how you can earn more monthly income and reduce your expenses by outsourcing your tasks to an army of educated (and low-paid) assistants. Read the excerpt at http://www.4hourworkweek.com/ferriss-resources-lifestyle.htm

Sears Surveys for Gift Cards

"Speak to Sears" is looking for panel members to provide feedback about shopping at Sears. Panel members will be awarded a certain number of points for completed surveys. When panelists have completed a certain number of surveys, they will receive Gift cards worth $20 or more. To apply for these surveys, register at http://www.speaktosears.ca or send an email to support@speaktosears.ca

Save Big with cellular Phone Retention plans

Cellular phone companies are always battling hard to keep customers. From a cell phone company's point of view, it is always better to retain (or keep) a customer rather than to have to find a new customer in order to replace a customer who just cancelled. So customers who call their cell phone companies and threaten to cancel service can often get better plans than the ones they currently have. The cell phones give these special plans (called "retention plans") in order to save a customer.

In the United States, if you talk to the retention department, you can often get a better deal. In the USA, Sprint has the highest customer cancellation rate (known as "churn"), so your chances of getting a retention plan from Sprint is much better than it is from a company that has a low cancellation rate (such as Verizon). For example, depending on the circumstances, Sprint will offer retention plans such as
Free PCS - PCS
8PM evenings for free
Free Vision
Free Roaming minutes (varying amount)
or Free Add-A-Phone
For more info and tips about obtaining a good Sprint retention plan, check out http://www.sprintusers.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-133073.html

In Canada, all 3 of the major cell phone companies (Telus, Rogers-Fido, Bell) have retention plans. For info about Telus retention plans, click here http://www.redflagdeals.com/forums/showthread.php?t=455709&highlight=retention+plans
Fido retention plans: http://www.redflagdeals.com/forums/showthread.php?t=376936&highlight=retention+plans

Remember, the tip to making sure that you succeed in getting a retention plan is to be polite and to let the cell phone company realize that you are a customer worth keeping. If you act belligerent or can't persuade the CSR that you're an important customer, then you will probably not get the retention plan.

2 Weeks worth of delicious milk shake for less than $10

Summer time means that it is time for "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream"...and milk shakes as well. Sometimes, milk shakes are refreshing in a way that ice cream cannot be. Here is an affordable recipe that will let you have 2 weeks' worth of milk shakes.
This recipe lets you incorporate ice cream into milk shakes. Plus, you will also save lots of money with this recipe. Why pay $5 for ONE milk shake at a restaurant when you can have 2 weeks worth of milk shakes for less than $10??

Here are the ingredients that you will need:

Drink mixer (like the ones for shaking martinis) or blender
1 jug of milk (gallon size)
4 Liters of Neopolitan flavoured ice cream
Optional: whip cream and/or cherry for garnish

Take 4 scoops of the ice cream. The good thing about Neopolitan is that you will have 3 different flavours to choose from. So if you feel like having only vanilla ice cream on one day, just scoop out the vanilla section of the Neopolitan ice cream. Then add the 4 scoops of the ice cream and mix the ice cream with 2 cups of milk and combine them in the drink mixer, or, you can mix them very quickly in a blender. This will give you enough milk shake to serve 2 people. The 4 liter ice cream and the 1 gallon of milk will make enough milk shake to last two weeks for two people. The cost should be less than $10 as the average price of 4 liter ice cream is about $5 and the average price of milk is about $3.50. And the bonus is that you can have a different flavoured milk shake almost every day (because Neopolitan has vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate).

To top off your milk shake, add whip cream and/or a cherry as garnish.

ATI Clearance Centre

Looking for a new video card for online gaming? Check out ATI's Clearance Centre - http://shop.ati.com/searchresults.asp?dept_id=39 Current clearance deals include the ATI TV Wonder VE for $29.99 and the Radeon X1800 CrossFire PCI Express 512 MB card for $299.00. Some cards are refurbished products but they carry a 90 day warranty.

$10 off $50 Cell Phone Cards at Target

Target is offering $10 off $50 cellular phone air time Cards. The sale is effective Aug 12-18. This sale includes $50 air time cards for T-Mobile, Boost, Tracfone & Virgin Mobile. See the sale flyer - http://i.slickdeals.net/attachment.php?attachmentid=49265&d=1186857594.

Weekend deals

Hey everybody. Be sure to check out the weekend sales by browsing the Slickdeals sales on the left-hand column of this blog. Have a fantastic weekend.

Stanford's School of Business offers Paid Surveys

Stanford's School of Business occassionally offers paid surveys. Just register on their survey site - http://sgsb2.sona-systems.com - and check daily for the paid surveys. Some of these surveys offer small cash payments or Amazon gift certificates in the 10 or 20 dollar value range. You'll need to check daily because only some of these surveys offer payments or Amazon gift certificates.

OfficeMax: $10 Off $20 Purchases

OfficeMax has a coupon that lets you save $10 off purchases of $20 or more. You can download it and use it until November 30, 2007.

Microsoft Adcenter: Cheap Promotion on $50 worth of ad clicks

Are you starting or currently running your own website or web business? Do you want to generate more revenue and increase traffic to your website?

You might want to consider signing up for Microsoft's current Adcenter Promotion. For a $5 one-time sign up fee, you will receive $50 worth of ad clicks - Just sign up through https://adcenter.microsoft.com and enter the promo code BNR-100-1006. This is an awesome deal and it will help generate more traffic to your website and more business for your website.

If you want to try free credits from Adcenter or the other search engines, you can find more codes at http://www.webhosting.web-webhosting.com/viewtopic.php?t=7&sid=4cbaa6d32e4959ddecb6dde56c4bd14d

How to make Money from reselling Clearance Electronics

Recently, I discovered the art of finding clearance electronics and software items that I can resell on ebay or classified websites like craigslist or kijiji. I will give one example to show you what I'm talking about.

I found the HP R717 6 megapixel digital camera at my local Staples store in Vancouver. The Vancouver Staples store was selling the R717 cameras for $69.99 + tax and I was able to resell these cameras for $120 to local buyers through Craigslist and also through ebay. I ended up making $40 or more on the resale of each of these clearance cameras by reselling them online.

These cameras were hard to find at Staples stores. Fortunately, for me, Staples has a great computer inventory system. The clerk told me that there were 3 of these cameras at another Staples store in another local Staples store. I swooped into action and bought up all 3 of these items. Within 10 days, I had sold all 3 of these cameras and I had made $40+ per camera.

You can also resell such clearance items by checking the clearance bins or just by looking for clearance sales at your local Staples, Best Buy, or Circuit City stores. I have found that these 3 stores have served me best.

Kaspersky Internet Security 6 for $9.85 (Exp. 8/11)

Amazon.com is offering Kaspersky's internet security 6 (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000FPWEF4?tag=slickdeals) for $9.85.
You get this software for $9.85 after the $65 promotional rebate (http://ec1.images-amazon.com/images/G/01/00/00/00/68/41/79/68417937._V29475379_.pdf).

Kaspersky makes the top-rated anti-virus program for PC's. It consistently detects the most computer viruses among all the antivirus makers. It has strong virus, spyware, spam and firewall tools to protect your computer. I also like the well-organized user interface of this program. It's a pretty popular program as it is currently the 6th most purchased program in Amazon's software section.

Free 5 Dollar Chapmans Ice Cream Coupon

Chapmans ice cream is offering a free $5 coupon. Just go to http://www.chapmans.ca/contact.aspx - their contact page - and ask them for the 5 dollar coupon and also provide your mailing address. This offer is available only for Canadian shoppers. The 5 dollar coupon should cover all or most of the cost of a 2 liter tub of Chapmans ice cream at most Canadian supermakrets. Chapmans makes great ice cream products and many of their products are made with nut-free equipment so the ice cream can be enjoyed by people with nut allergies.

Kyocera Product Evaluators: Free Cell Phone Minutes

Sign up to be a product evaluator for Kyocera and you could receive free cell phone minutes and even free cell phones. Kyocera tests their cell phones with the different cellular phone carriers and they need to people to test out the features and qualities of their cell phones. Kyocera loans out brand new cell phones but they are known to let the product evaluators keep the phones after the evaluation is completed.

Welcome to the E-Offerz Blog

Welcome to the E-Offerz Blog. This is is your one-stop website for great offers and deals. I will be posting info about hot offers and deals that are available on the 'net and also at regular stores. There will also be info about free giveaways, and paid surveys that give away cash.
Enjoy this blog.