E-Offerz Blog: Helping You Find the Best Freebies, Coupons, and Deals!

E-Offerz Blog: Helping You Find the Best Freebies, Coupons, and Deals!

Free Pillsbury Fiber One Snack Bar

Hi folks,

Pillsbury is giving away FREE Fiber One Chewy Bars For Pillsbury Members. This will happen on April 16th! But in order to get this freebie, you have to be a Pillsbury Member by April 15. You can sign up here. If you missed this freebie, don't worry because You can also sign up for other future Pillsbury offers.

Free Kashi Chocolate Baked Squares

The staff at Kashi are giving away their Chocolate Baked Squares on their Facebook page.
Just go to their page  to request the free chocolate
baked square sample.  They're giving out 12,000 samples each day. If you go to their facebook page
and they run out, just come back the next day to get the sample.

Free Sample of Cream of Wheat Chocolate Hot Cereal

Cream of Wheat is giving away free Samples of their Chocolate flavor hot cereal. Visit their facebook page at  and Like their page. This will take you to a sign up page to get the free Cream of wheat.  Chocolate flavored Cream of Wheat is definitely a good idea and it livens up the flavor!!

Free Mini Cinnamon Bun (Minibon) from Cinnabon

Cinnabon is giving out a Free Minibon (mini cinnamon bun) with coupon when You sign up online and Join their EClub. Just sign up at http://cinnabon.fbmta.com/members/UpdateProfile.aspx?Action=Subscribe&InputSource=W and they'll mail you the coupon for the free minibon.  Maybe they could market a spray for their fresh baked cinnamon bun smell and then I could have this smell in my own home. 

McDonald's Coupons for a Free Tea, Soft Drink, or McCafe Coffee

If you're feeling a bit blue that your summer vacation is over, at least find some comfort that McDonald's restaurants have great freebies to help you along your work or back-to-school routine.

For my readers in the eastern U.S., you can get a FREE McDonald's Large Sweet Tea or Soft Drink just by signing up at http://www.tam.mcdtoday.com/valueClubTam/register. This freebie's available in Participating stores in Western PA, Eastern OH, Northern and Central WV, Northern MD only.

For my Canadian readers, you can get a free small McCafe drink (Cappucchino, latte, etc.) or a coupon for buy One Get One Free sandwiches (Big Mac, etc.) by printing the coupons at http://www.mcdonalds.ca/ca/en/promotions/coupons.html

I notice that some of the McDonalds restaurants here have been re-modeled with nice seats and tasteful lighting. It's safe to say that you'll find a McDonalds restaurant that's close to your daily commuting route or workplace.

Free Large Coffee, Latte, or Cappuchino at 7-11 Stores on Sept. 28, 2012

7-eleven stores will be celebrating national coffee day by giving out a free large size coffee, latte or cappuchino from 6 to 10am on September 28, 2012 only.  Their giveaway  last year was a medium, but this year, they'll be giving out a large!

Free Honey Nut Cheerios Cereal

Cheerios is giving out free cereal samples., just follow them each day on twitter at https://twitter.com/hncbuzz or check out their Buzz website at http://www.honeynutcheerios.com/buzzcentral and they'll post a daily link so you can sign up for the free Honey Nut Cheerios sample. Once the daily sample link is posted, you do need to sign up quickly because they give out a limited number of samples each day.